Links & Resources
    The place to see some of the work of the greatest photographers in the world.
    Keep current on photo topics and see great photojournalists at work.
    My favorite local photo store run by two great friends.
    I don’t really need to say more.
    This site shows the results of the college photographer of the year competition and you can watch the judging on podcasts.
    Again, great photos and discussion by great photographers. This will make you want to take part in one of the great teaching tools for documentary photography.
    My hometown paper here.
    A great publishing company and a nice website to help high school advisers and journalists with their publishing needs. For 6-7 years I wrote a photography column called Photo Quest which ran in their Idea File magazine and which are archived on this website. Lots of different topics and several Q and A interviews with some great professional shooters. Click on Features and Columns, then click on Photo Quest.
    A wonderful site with the photo work of a talented former student, Luke Davis.
    Again, a former student Ted Mehl and his talented wife Heather create some wonderful images for their clients.
    The site for Kelly and Rhett Johnson, two wonderful and unique artists who allowed me to tell their stories in “Landmark People.”
    Montana-raised, Barbara is one of the premier photographers of the American West, especially the cowboy and cowgirl life.
    Another Montana product, George Winston’s piano solos inspire me as I am working on the computer in my study. His music carries me out West.
    The Defenders of the Black Hills is an organization dedicated to re-establishing the 1851 and 1868 Fort Laramie Treaties that had originally protected the sacred Black Hills. Charmaine White Face is the amazing force behind this group.
    In the small Canadian prairie town of Drumheller, Alberta is the Royal Tyrrell Museum, home to some of the best dinosaur fossils in the world.
    This museum in Bozeman, Montana is actually the premier paleontology museum in the world. Jack Horner, adviser to Steven Speilburg, the director. The Museum of the Rockies has more dinosaur fossils and complete, authentic dinosaurs than anywhere else.
    Evelyn Cameron’s wonderful glass plate negatives were discovered many years after her death. She had come to Montana in the late 1800s and photographed, processed, and printed her images in rugged, pioneer conditions, but actually created a successful business in eastern Montana before she died around the 1920s. There is now a museum celebrating her work in the small town of Terry, Montana.
    The professional site for Missouri journalists.
    A site celebrating the amendment that protects our freedoms. Worth checking out.
    The premier photo magazine site.
    Home of Robbin and Carl Wilson, our neighbors and friends, and their horses and mules, too.
    This site houses nearly 15,000 images from Oak Park High School’s yearbooks and newspapers over the last 40 plus years. A former student of mine, Mark Murtha, created the site and has scanned the images from the thousands of negatives and slides we saved over the years. I enjoy this site not only because I get to see the faces of hundreds of students who I taught for 25 1/2 years (1977-2002), but also because many of the images were shot by my students. It is a truly unique record of the history of a high school.

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