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Foto and graphos. Light writing as the Greeks would say or writing with light. It is a wonderful image. In the earliest years of Joseph Niepce and Louis Daguerre the exposure to light would take hours. Eventually minutes became the norm, but even then we probably have seen the old family portraits where the elderly look etched in stone, but a young, hyper-active child is a blur on the lap of mom or dad. Now, images can be frozen in such tiny splinters of time that we can see things that almost defy belief. But there it is, the single beat of a hummingbird’s wings, written with light.
What follows are images I have recorded on film (usually TriX or T-Max 400) and scanned on a Nikon 4000 negative scanner or shot digitally with a Nikon D1X or D200. All images were toned in Photoshop CS.